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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member Amber NicholFemale/United States Groups :iconfandoms--forever: Fandoms--Forever
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" Sarcasm & general Loathing "

DO NOT REPOST my art anywhere for any reason;
DO NOT use, copy / trace, or redistribute my art;
DO NOT USE my characters or art for roleplaying;

Amber | 22 | ♀ | ♈

chaotic good | INTJ-P | insomniac
manic-depressive | introvert | anxious

I have a hard time believing and / or reminding myself that I'm not as stupid as I think I am, I have friends that believe in me, and I'm not an entire waste of space. // readmore.txt

current mood : restless
on repeat : "Dirge"
mental health : falling inside a hole inside a hole --

about my: Sona / OC's / YT's

don't believe in yourself, believe in me 'cause I believe in you

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# Salty / Protection Squad:

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'You are filled with PROCRASTINATION.'

- - - - -
# Murder / Death Squad:

;Kagemaru ;Mohsin & ;Jacky
'A group of assholes who have a thing for destroying shit.'



| ⇇ by Umbrony

Enjoy Your Stay --

I've been having strange dreams lately

You made him real;

& now he knows who you are.❞

Why did̳̳ ͈̙͓̠ͅy͇ou̱̯͖̯͉͕ͅ ͈̳̫͉̮d̙̱̱̬o̞͕ ̧̖̩̺̳͙t̼̥̙̞͡h̵̖ͅị̴̫s̥͉̯?̙̭̬́

V i l l a i n

icon by DankieDoggo !!

press ▶| |◀ play
Mike Patton - A Perfect Twist

[ I can feel your heart racing
yeah, I can almost taste it ]

? ? ?

| -- What the fuck are you doing?


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l o v e  m e  p l s  f r e n
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i'm sorry for what probably counts as favespamming...there's just too much great stuff in your gallery <3


dark dabbing is my new favorite thing
SpicyBrownieMix Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're a girl 

Totally didn't think you were a dude or anything xD
crownium Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
pls give me dark dabbing...I need it...
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Hey hey hey
I found an awesome website ewe
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